Corn Roys Calais Abenaki Flint


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Zea Mays


Bred and grown by the northern Vermont Abenaki tribe and selected for generations, this variety was passed down to Roy and Ruth Fair of North Calais, Vermont, in the 1930s from Roy’s father, who received it from his own father. Plants produce 7–9″ ears that are long, thin and cylindrical, with an even 8 rows pf sharply pointed kernels. This form is valuable for drying early in the short Northeast season. This variety survived the summer of 1816 known as the year without a summer. The ears are either solidly golden yellow or a beautiful dark maroon, with some skewing a bit toward orange shades. An excellent variety of milling/grain corn.

Direct sow after last frost date. Days to maturity 90-95.

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