Pepper Jimmy Nardello pepper


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Capsicum annuum


The Jimmy Nardello sweet pepper is an Italian frying and drying pepper brought to Naugatuck Connecticut by Giuseppe and Angela Nardello. The Nardello family brought the seeds over from the village of Ruoti in the Basilicata region of southern Italy in 1887 when they immigrated to the US. Their son Jimmy continued to grow the peppers in Naugatuck in his terraced garden. In the early 1980s before his death, Jimmy donated the seeds to Seed Savers Exchange and they have since become a well known frying pepper. Naugatuck is only 14 miles south of the farm which is part of the Naugatuck river valley. We are happy to share this well local pepper variety.

Plants benefit from staking. These peppers taste best when they are harvested fully red, but have excellent flavor when harvested green. Fruits have thin walls and are easy to dry.

Start indoors or in a greenhouse 6-8+ week before last frost date. Transplant after last frost.

Days to maturity after transplant 50 days green, 80 days red

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