Phocas Seeds was started in 2019 by horticulturalist Corey Finke with the mission to provide gardeners, homesteaders, and farmers with high quality and unique, vegetable, herb, and cannabis seeds.

Our seeds are adapted to Connecticut as well as the greater eastern US. We focus on open pollinated and heirloom varieties grown in organic systems. All of our seeds are non-GMO.

The majority of the seed we offer is grown on our farm in Thomaston & Plymouth CT, but we also source seed from two small family farms in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

All the farms that grow our seed use sustainable, regenerative, or organic practices. The health of the soil and ecosystems are important to us, and we ensure that the farms we work with share the same principles.

Our Seed Growers:

Phocas Seeds

Yonder Mountain Nursery

Esoteric Agriculture

The Holy Martyr Phocas the Gardener came from the city of Sinope on the southern shore of the Black Sea. Having a small garden, he lived modestly. He sold what he grew, and supported himself on the proceeds. He helped the needy and paid for the housing of vagrants.

The Life of Saint Phocas

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