Black & Blissful S1 Feminized Photo Bred By Manifest Destiny Seed Co.


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Black Chem clone (Phocas Cut) x reversed Blissful Wizard 32 clone S1 Feminized Photo

Black Chem was the first feminized cross ever made under the Manifest Destiny Seed Co. brand during its genesis around 2017. Originally, just an unnamed small batch feminized cross between a proven Black D.O.G. mother, and STS induced reversal of an incredibly unique, sativa leaning pheno of Bodhi’s rarely seen Chem91JB x Snow Lotus cross he released in 2016. As such, Black D.O.G. X Chemdog91 “JB cut” x Snow Lotus had now been born, but not yet named until a small vial of seeds was given to my very good friend and MDSC collaborator Phocas Seeds. He found a true gem of a plant, thus naming his selection “Black Chem.” We have kept it around ever since, so to use it in 2023 as a joint project is very fulfilling.

Black Chem pairs excellently with Blissful Wizard 32 to add depth and a new layer of originality to an already very original variety. A mix of seldom seen lines has something to offer to just about everyone. Excellent resin density/quality, this variety is one that will be unlike any other modern poly hybrid in your collection.

Suitable for excellent flower growth with the majority of available phenotypes also top notch hash plants. Does very well indoors when when accounting for a high amount of stretch during flowering. EXCELLENT in greenhouses/deps and as well as outdoors. She grows VERY tall in most cases.

68-82 day flowering time.

Seeds bred and grown by Manifest Destiny Seed Co.

10 seed pack


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